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WCF / Community Resilience  / Grant Round Open: Whatcom Nonprofit Wellness Grants

Grant Round Open: Whatcom Nonprofit Wellness Grants

2024 Funds for Whatcom County Grant Round Focused on Health and Wellness of Nonprofit Sector Staff   

What would life look like here without you and our entire essential nonprofit sector? Where would we go for culture and entertainment, to adopt animals, to find affordable and supportive housing, to feed our families, to get healthcare, to heal and care for the environment, to exercise, to support our oldest and youngest humans, or to learn? How else could we all help to care for our whole community in innumerable ways? 

You are our frontline community builders, and we know you and your teams gave it all you could over the last several years. You showed resiliency and creativity in serving our communities and staying afloat during unprecedented challenges. We see you, and we care.  

We are offering mini grants to Whatcom federal nonprofits to address some of the issues of staff fatigue, turnover and burnout that are currently pervasive throughout the nonprofit sector. We invite you to apply for grants to support you and your team’s physical and mental health, creating a positive work environment, enhancing job satisfaction, and reducing burnout. 

We will have at least $200,000 in funding and will offer $1,000 – $10,000 grants (depending on organizational staffing size and what you’d like to do). Grant funding amounts could increase depending on the number of applicants and/or increase in funding pool.  

What you do is up to you and your team, but several ideas surfaced from local nonprofit leaders including: wellness programs that encourage physical activity, social activities, healthy eating, stress management and mental health supports; ergonomic improvements (adjustable desks, better lighting, ergonomic chairs, etc.); staff retreat; training and professional development/coaching; healing fund for staff (self-directed, trust based stipends to mitigate stress/burnout); staff appreciation activities; and, team trust building workshop, etc.  

Application is now open. We will begin reviewing grants the week of January 15th, but we will keep the grant round open until funds are expended.

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