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Who We Are

WCF / Who We Are


Everyone who lives here thrives.

That’s our vision.

Achieving it means cultivating neighborliness, lifting community voices, and investing in equity and hope. You can learn more about the many ways we do that here.

Like all the 1,000+ community foundations across North America, the Whatcom Community Foundation is a charitable organization created through gifts from people who care about a particular place.  Anyone can contribute any amount of money to a community foundation, which pools and builds assets to meet local needs.

We are, by design, creative generalists, able to see challenges and opportunities across a diverse landscape, leverage a variety of roles, financial tools and connections to meet them, and adapt quickly as priorities shift.

Since 1996, the Community Foundation has invested more than $65 million in all corners of Whatcom County; we’re working every day to make your dollars go further, connecting people, ideas, and resources in pursuit of a Whatcom County that works for all.


By embracing and upholding our values, the Community Foundation can create a ripple effect of positive change. Our values serve as guiding principles that shape our thinking, decisions and actions.