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Leave a Legacy

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You can make a lasting difference in the community you love by joining the Madrona Society at the Whatcom Community Foundation.

The Madrona Society is how we honor donors who have named the Community Foundation in their wills with a bequest.

We know that the madrona tree is deeply rooted in its place. Their roots add stability to the tree’s environment, as Madrona Society members do to our community. In addition, healthy saplings can sprout from the fallen tree’s trunk, providing a base for growth and nourishment for new life. Madrona trees are beloved in the Pacific Northwest. That’s the way we feel about our legacy givers as well.

Establish your fund as a permanent endowment or design it to make grants for a fixed period of years (often 10 to 20) before sun-setting. An unrestricted gift can be used to address important community needs as they arise, or you can support a field of interest that is important to you (such as children’s health, or housing, or animal welfare).  You can also choose to support specific organizations of your choice – or a combination of the above options. We are happy to work with you and your financial adviser to meet your goals for charitable giving.

To learn more about the Madrona Society please contact: Jenn Daly, Director of Engagement & Philanthropy by email at or by phone at 360-671-6463.

We have incredible gratitude for our Madrona Society Members:

Don & Jan Alper
Sita and C.L. Amba-Rao
Missy Belles
Larry Berghoff
Gary & Ann Blanken
Helen & Larry Birchall
Fredericka H. Bond*
Norah Brusven*
Tim & Connie Buckley
Glenn & Janice Butler
Marti Caputi
Randy Carr
Frank & Adrienne Champagne
Peter Coggan
Mike Cohen and Pamela Jons
Joe & Judy Coons
Carrie Coppinger Carter
Thomas W. Crowell*
Margaret & Marc Curtis
Ronald Cyr*
Naida Deitsch*
George & Mary Ann* Drake
Molly Duba
Michael Durbin*
Katti and David Esp
Tim and Leslie Farris
Kelly Follis*
Kolleen Fox
Marilyn Glenn & Steve Tatham
Roy Georgeff*
David Goddard*
Jean Gorton*
Brian & Marya Griffin
Julianna Royal Guy
Martin & Gail Haines
Terry & Myra Harmer
Robert L. & Virginia B. Hayden*
Jill Heckathorn & Glenn Merrill
Elsie Heinrick
Susan Horst & Gregory Dutton
Harris Gonsalves* & Dorothy Ellen
Kay Ingram
Mauri Ingram & Lee Eberhardt
Trish Infanger
Marlene Jensen
David & Peggy Kehe
William V.W. Keeney* & Esther V.
Alan G. Kemble*
Daniel Kirkman
Karl & Edwina Kleeman
Pete & Fidela Kremen
Dorothy Lang* & Francis Joseph
Virginia Maria Lofstrand*
Rick & Linda Luke
Mary E. Lyda*
Carol McBride
Joseph McClain*
Laurie McClain
Meg Metzger
George W. Miller*
Fred & Milissa Miller
Martin and Priscilla Mitchell
Shannon Moore
George M. Muldrow* & Robert G. Bragg*
Karen Neubauer & Bob Kandiko
Therese Ogle & John Draper
Owen Olsen
Janet Ott
Joyce & John Pedlow
Stephen A. Peters
Bill & Jan Polinkus
Eve Pryce*
Bill & Isie Radock
Anne and Rob Rasmussen
Garland Richmond & Richard Stattelman
Robert L. & Virginia B. Hayden Charitable Remainder Unitrust
Renee Roberts & Rick Bullman
Chuck Robinson
Chuck & Dee Robinson
Sibyl W. Sanford
Phyllis and Charlie Self
Warren Sheay
Karen Sloss
John D. Stephens
Larry Strengholt
Christine Thompson
Virginia Maria Lofstrand*
John Watts
Gail Weiss and Dennis Smith
Naomi Wilkins
Eugene H. & Angely L. Williams*
Tom & Marlene Wissler


George Muldrow and Bob Bragg loved the Bellingham Library: its books, services and programs. They loved that libraries provided refuge and resources to people of all walks of life. They felt the library needed to be part of our community fabric forever.

Their gift: $3 million to establish the Robert Bragg & George Muldrow Endowment for the Bellingham Public Library.

Their legacy: This powerful endowment will benefit the Library year after year as it grows and responds to community needs and wishes.