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Homes For All

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We support organizations, initiatives, and policies that address the scarcity of affordable homes throughout Whatcom County.

Whatcom County wages haven’t kept up with the price of homes, which now average a whopping $560,000.
Today, there is minimal housing that is affordable to households earning the Area Median Income (AMI) of $62,984, let alone those below it. Many people providing essential services earn around or less than the AMI, including childcare workers, real estate agents, electricians and registered nurses.

The Threshold Fund

The Threshold Fund is a revolving loan guaranty fund, established as a way to build more workforce homes for less money. It is designed to do two simple, powerful things: First, reduce the cost of borrowing for construction loans for affordable housing providers. And second, create a reusable pool of funding so that more permanently affordable homes can be built. As loans are repaid, the funds are reused to guarantee loans for new projects. It’s philanthropic recycling! More houses to market, more families in safe, stable homes.
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Lighthouse Mission Endowment

Over 700 people are homeless in Whatcom County on any given day.  Many more don’t have stable housing throughout the year. Lighthouse Mission Ministries breaks the cycle of homelessness in the lives of men, women, and children by providing the most vulnerable in our community with access to three meals a day, safe shelter, and a community where life transformation can happen.
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Lydia Place Endowment

Lydia Place, in partnership with the Opportunity Council, is leading the way in efforts to address family homelessness in Whatcom County. Founded in 1989 as a transitional housing facility for women and children, it has since expanded to include an array of housing options and supportive services to meet the needs of our community.
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Northwest Youth Services Endowment

When a young person experiencing homelessness has the access and opportunity to meet basic needs, they are able to transform their lives. Through supportive housing and targeted services for youth and young adults in Whatcom and Skagit Counties, Northwest Youth Services supports young people as they overcome adversity, harness self-determinism, and learn to thrive in the community.
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Agape Home for Women & Children Endowment

Agape Home, a program of Lighthouse Mission Ministries, provides safe housing for up to 50 women and children. It is a shelter where women in need can escape the victimization, hopelessness, and/or addiction they are experiencing and receive the help they need to create a better future for themselves and their children.
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Telegraph June 2019

Telegraph Townhomes, a collaboration with Kulshan Community Land Trust and Whatcom Habitat for Humanity is creating more than 50 homes for families in Whatcom County.