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2023 Youth Philanthropy Project – Apply Today!

The Whatcom Community Foundation Youth Philanthropy Program (YPP) has been created for students to engage in knowledge and experiential based learning opportunities that foster leadership, technical and critical thinking skills.  YPP connects youth to the community through charitable giving in relation to local, environmental needs. Students will focus their time and effort on powerful impact of grant award making, educating the community about the YPP program, learning leadership skills, and bringing in new members for 2024.

Objectives for the Youth Experience:

  1. Successful Grant Award Program (Education, Decision Making, Award Ceremony)
  2. Leadership Growth (Facilitation, Public Speaking, Collaboration, Event Planning)
  3. Recruitment of new members for following years (Design Enrollment Program)
  4. Education for our community about the Youth Philanthropy Program (Writing blogs, sharing at school events, enrolling other communities)

Apply for the 2023 Youth Philanthropy Project  – Applications are due by January 18, 2023!

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