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Donor Advised Funds

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Amy Van Pelt and Joseph Jarzembowski Fund
Anderson Family Endowment Fund
Angel Fund
Anna Marie Brulotte Memorial Fund
Justin and Tricia Arceneaux Fund
Bachenberg Foundation Fund
Banjo Fund
Big Pants Fund
Boreas Fund
Brudwick 5 Memorial Fund
Glenn & Janice Butler Fund
Cap Cloud Fund
Clay Family Fund
Celedo Fund
Champagne Fund
Chase Family Fund
Christine Thompson Fund
Christopher & Kelly Knight Follis Foundation Fund
CoJo Fund
CORC Endowed Fund
Culver Family Fund
Ronald Cyr Fund
Danny Fine Memorial Fund
Cyan Day Fund
Drake Family Fund
Mary Ann Drake Fund for Cultural Diversity
Earl & Sue’s Fund for Animals
Elevate Fund
Murphy Evans Fund
Chase Family Fund
Joe & Judy Coons Community Fund
Jayme Clise Curley and David Leith Curley Family Fund
Fat Cat Feline Fund
Liza & Dick Gossett Foundation Fund
Richard & Elizabeth Gossett Fund
Grace Fund
Herreshoff-Staude Fund
Human Ecology Fund
Iris Fund
Sara Johnson Fund
Bill & Esther Keeney Family Fund
Jean Walden Kershner Fund
Cheryll & Dale Kinsley Fund
Karl and Edwina Kleeman Community Fund
Kimberley Family Fund
Kinder Fund
Matia Fund
McClain Family Fund
McNeese Scholarship Fund
Mike & Elaine McRory Fund
Mentor Fund
Meg Metzger Fund
Morse Steel Service Community Fund
Mumfords & Sons Fund
North Coast Cares Fund
Janet Ott Fund
John and Joyce Pedlow Community Fund
Bobbi Phrank Fund
Vonda Lynne Polinkus Memorial Fund
Posel Gockley Fund
Preserve II Endowed Fund
Preserve I Non-Endowed Fund
Radock Charitable Fund
Radock Memorial Fund
Reading Wheeler Fund
Robertson Family Fund
Chuck & Dee Robinson Community Fund
Rosenfels Endowment Fund
Save our Spirits Fund
Samuel Fine Fund
Santosha Fund
Security Solutions NW Fund
Sendan Center Fund
Sendan Center Endowment Fund
Sibyl Sanford Action Fund
Sibyl Sanford Fund
Phyllis & Charles Self Endowment Fund
Phyllis & Charles Self Fund
Skeers Family Fund
Stalheim Family Fund
Stockard Family Fund
Sunship Endowment for Animals
Steve & Karen Swan Family Endowment Fund
Stoane Family Fund
Paul and Jean Tholfsen Fund
Towanda Fund
Bob & Diane Trunek Community Fund
Bob & Diane Trunek Fund
Uncle Alfred’s Trust
Whatcom Benefit Fund
Wissler Ohana Fund
Zielstra Fund
Tammy Zlotnik Fund