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Help your clients give smarter


Whether you are a financial advisor, attorney, or CPA, we see Professional Advisors as partners in charitable giving. As a knowledgeable and trusted advisor, you play a pivotal role in helping your clients make important legal and financial decisions about their estates. We can help your clients make the best possible decisions about their philanthropy.

Community foundations provide a simple, powerful, and highly personal approach to giving. We offer many types of funds and giving tools to help people achieve their charitable goals. Donors can give cash, appreciated stocks, real estate, or other assets. Most charitable gifts qualify for maximum tax advantage under federal law. We offer:

Personalized Service
We work to make giving easy and effective, accepting a wide variety of gifts and providing donors a number of charitable options. We customize giving vehicles to meet each individual donor’s needs. Contributions can be made in cash, stocks, property, and bequests. At your discretion, we can be part of client meetings, or work directly with you to share knowledge and options.

Local Expertise
We work every day at the intersection of donors’ passions and community needs.  Our job is to understand your clients’ goals, to know the community – its assets, needs and opportunities – and to make connections as appropriate. We can help to explore different tools such as Donor Advised Funds, Grantmaking, Scholarships, Field of Interest Funds, Charitable Trusts and more. Once we understand what your client cares about most, we can identify ways to ensure those charitable wishes are met.

Community Leadership
When people or groups in our community have a dream, they often come to the Foundation to help make that dream a reality. Our business is building community.

The Community Foundation manages more than $70 million in assets in over 350 individualized funds. To date, over $65 million has been invested in a variety of charitable causes and supported post-secondary education through scholarships for hundreds of local students. We work every day to amplify the force of philanthropy –by connecting people, ideas, and resources – so that communities flourish.


I see the Community Foundation as a helpful resource for my clients who are interested in charitable giving. Every client cares about different causes, and the Community Foundation offers customized options along with their community expertise to help each person achieve their philanthropic goals.”
– Kevin DeYoung, CPA and Partner, Larson Gross