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Welcome to our “resource archive,” a growing library of presentations and other materials aimed at sharing a deeper understanding of the challenges our community is facing, and how the Community Foundation is responding.

Youth Mental Health

In a class of 30 Whatcom County 10th graders, 21 are dealing with anxiety; 12 are dealing with depression; 6 have contemplated suicide, 5 have made a suicide plan; 2 have attempted suicide. (Healthy Youth Survey 2021).

Rates of childhood mental health concerns and suicide had been rising steadily for at least a decade before the pandemic, when isolation, uncertainty and grief exacerbated the problem, which has been declared a national emergency by leading pediatric groups and merited a rare advisory from the U.S. Surgeon General in December 2021. Here are some resources from Whatcom County mental health providers and other experts.

Tools & Resources


Disaster Preparedness, Relief and Recovery

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic and last year’s historic floods, people in government, nonprofits, healthcare, as well as countless good neighbors across our community have done heroic work. And yet? We can do better.

As the Community Foundation, along with government and nonprofit partners, navigates the remaining relief and recovery processes related to the pandemic and the floods, we are also working to improve preparedness and coordination in anticipation of future events, knowing that different types of disasters require varied response.