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Grant Guidelines

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Grant Guidelines


We invest in relevant and timely activities that use a cooperative approach to community building. Successful proposals will describe the essential work you do in the community, how it involves others in the community who need to be a part of truly successful problem-solving and long-term planning for our community’s future. We place the highest priority on ideas that fuel inspiring, actionable, relevant programs which:

  • Reflect and promote the diversity of the communities we serve
  • Advance equity and inclusion
  • Leverage resources
  • Cultivate neighborliness
  • Link demonstrated needs with opportunities in our community
  • Address and help resolve important existing or emerging community issues
  • Facilitate cooperation and collaboration among organizations
  • Lift community voices
  • Catalyze change while building capacity


Unless otherwise noted in the grant round you are applying for, eligible applicants include nonprofit organizations with a valid letter from the IRS recognizing its 501(c)3 status, Native American Tribes, religious and educational institutions, and, projects with an approved fiscal sponsor. City or County Governments requests for non-essential, quality of life, community enhancement projects not typically funded through tax dollars may be eligible.