Our Funds

A gift to the Foundation can be a simple, direct transfer of assets, to be administered at the discretion of the Board of Directors. Or you can choose from a number of fund options to meet your personal, financial and charitable goals.

The first decision in selecting a fund type is to determine whether your fund will be endowed or non-endowed. Your giving goals and objectives as well as other factors may influence your choice.

Endowed Foundation funds establish a permanent source of income for educational and charitable purposes. Only the income from endowed funds may be used for grant making; the fund corpus (the sum of all gifts to the fund) will not be granted. Each year the Foundation’s Investment and Finance Committee determines the amount of the fund which is available for grant making purposes. That calculation is designed to ensure the endowment maintains its purchasing power relative to inflation. Endowed funds are invested in the Foundation’s Long Term Pool.

Non-endowed funds are available to grant at any time. These funds may be invested in the Mid Term or Short Term Pools, depending on the anticipated timing of fund disbursement(s). Earnings on program and fiscal sponsorship funds accrue to the Foundation.

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Temporary Funds
Fiscal Sponsorship Funds

You may also donate using our gift form or online as shown below via "PayTrace," the Foundation's secure online donation system:

(Please note the name of the fund in the special instruction section)

Fund Forms

Donor Advised Writeable Grant Recommendation Form (PDF) (save form after entering the data, then email or print)

Unrestricted Funds

Unrestricted funds are the broadest option, enabling the Foundation to target community needs as they change over time. An unrestricted fund gift creates a living legacy that will grow and change with Whatcom County.

Thomas and Jean Crowell Endowment Fund

supports community-building activities in all fields (Endowed)

Genevieve E. Sharp Fund

supports community-building activities in all fields (Endowed)

Calene Cameron LeBeau Memorial Fund

supports the Foundation's work to encourage charitable investment in our community and to serve as a catalyst for healthy community change

The Community Foundation Leadership Funds (Endowed and Non-Endowed)

supports innovative programs and services at the Foundation

Fund for Whatcom County

supports thoughtful, responsive grantmaking in Whatcom County

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Field-of-interest Funds

A field-of-interest fund allows you to target a favorite cause or issue without having to name a specific charity. You decide the purpose of the fund, such as meeting the needs of children or protecting the environment, and the Foundation identifies projects and organizations that will most effectively accomplish your interests over time.

Gary and Ann Blanken Fund

supports activities in two fields: arts and culture and the environment (Endowed)

Blythe Cole-Busch Fund for Literacy Development

support of literacy development programs in Whatcom County (Endowed)

CMA Fund

supports activities in two fields: youth and families and arts and culture. (Endowed)

Jeanne & William Carroll Youth & Families Fund

supports activities related to youth and families (Endowed)

David Edward Fund

supports activities for people living with mental illness (Endowed)

Fairhaven Fund

supports non-routine maintenance and public art in Fairhaven Village Green and historic Fairhaven

Barbara Austin Foote Memorial Fund

supports arts and cultural activities (Endowed)

Brian & Marya Griffin Community Fund

supports capital projects benefiting the Arts, Culture and Community Advancement in Whatcom County (Non-Endowed)

Paul and Ann Hanson Fund for the Environment

supports environmental activities and organizations (Endowed)

Lee and RaVae Luckhart Arts & Culture Fund

supports arts and cultural activities and organizations (Endowed)

Lee and RaVae Luckhart Environmental Fund

supports environmental activities and organizations (Endowed)

Pitts Sportsmen's Fund

support for education and building awareness of outdoor activities, including fishing, hunting, boating, and firearm safety for youth in Whatcom County (Non-Endowed)

Mary Snapper Fund

provides grants to organizations serving children with special medical needs (Endowed)

Northwest Catalyst Fund

funding for technical assistance to Northwest Innovation Resource Center Client Entrepreneurs as well as start-up loan capital for those clients eligible for a Fund-guaranteed loan

South Fork Community Fund

supports community-building activities in the area around the South Fork of the Nooksack River (Endowed)

Whatcom Arts & Culture Endowment Fund

supports activities in the general fields of arts and culture (Endowed)

Whatcom Endowment for the Environment

supports activities in the general field of the environment (Endowed)

Whatcom Fund for the Environment

supports activities in the general field of the environment

Whatcom Nonprofit Sector Fund

provides support to strengthen the Whatcom County nonprofit sector as a whole

Whatcom Youth & Families Endowment Fund

provides support for activities serving youth and families (Endowed)

Liam Wood Environmental Fund

was established in memory of Liam Wood to provide support for activities in the general field of the environment (Endowed)

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Designated Funds

You may name a specific charity or charities to benefit from your gift. Should any designated organization cease to exist, the Foundation through its variance power has the authority and responsibility to reallocate the gift to another agency that can most closely carry out your original intent.

Bayview Fund

supports eight local nonprofit organizations (Endowed)

Bellingham Public Library Fund


Bellingham Festival of Music Education Outreach Fund

supports the promotion of music education in the greater Whatcom County area (Endowed)

Big Rock Garden Master Plan Fund

is dedicated to the purchase of sculptures for Big Rock Garden Park in Bellingham

Center for Justice Fund

in support of programs at the Center for Justice that address the problem of wrongful convections generated by the criminal justice system, in a fair and just way

Coal Export Health Impact Study Fund (non-endowed)

in support of funding for a coal export health impact study.

Ferndale Double Dome Capital Fund (non-endowed)

to support the design, building and maintenance of a large swimming pool and associated sports facilites for the general public

Linda Dorsett Memorial Fund

in support of the East Whatcom Regional Resource Center in Kendall.

Brian and Marya Griffin Fund

supports five local nonprofit organizations (Non-Endowed)

Martin and Gail Haines Fund

supports seven local nonprofit organizations (Non-Endowed)

Law Advocates Endowment Fund

supports Law Advocates' work providing referrals for free legal services to low-income individuals in Whatcom County

Peters Family Fund

supports three local nonprofit organizations (Endowed)

Whatcom Hills Waldorf School Capital Fund

to support capital improvements to improve the school, its programs, and its community service

The Whatcom Hills Waldorf School Legacy Fund

to provide a permanent source of income for the Whatcom Hills Waldorf School (Endowed)

Whatcom Peace Fund

supports Whatcom Peace and Justice Center


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Nonprofit Agency Funds:

The following named funds support Whatcom County nonprofit organizations:

Agape Home for Women & Children Endowment Fund (Endowed)
Bellingham Festival of Music Fund (Endowed)
Bellingham Parks and Recreation Endowment Fund (Endowed)
Bellingham Public Library Fund (Endowed)

see Designated Funds for the Non-endowed Fund

Bellingham Public School Foundation Fund
Brigid Collins Endowment Fund (Endowed)
Ferndale Band Boosters Endowment Fund (Endowed)
Ferndale Double Dome (Endowed)

see Designated Funds for the Non-endowed Fund

Ferndale Public Schools Fund (Endowed)
Fragrance Garden Endowment Fund (Endowed)
Lighthouse Mission Endowment Fund (Endowed)
Lydia Place Endowment Fund (Endowed)
Mount Baker Theatre Endowment Fund (Endowed)
Nooksack Salmon Enhancement Association Endowment Fund (Endowed)
Northwest Youth Services Endowment Fund (Endowed)
Whatcom Counseling & Psychiatric Clinic Endowment Fund (Endowed)
Whatcom Land Trust Endowment Fund (Endowed)
Whatcom Museum of History & Art Endowment Fund (Endowed)
Whatcom Symphony Endowment Fund (Endowed)

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Advised Funds

A donor-advised fund is the most flexible fund for the donor who wishes to be involved with grantmaking, because we can make multiple gifts for you in the name of your fund. You can create a fund without naming specific fields or charities, and then from time to time you can recommend grants. The Foundation researches recommendations to ensure that all beneficiaries are legitimate charities and their purposes are consistent with the overall mission of the Foundation. Your recommendations are an essential part of the process, but the Foundation must have final authority over all distributions in order to protect your tax deductibility. Upon request, we will provide advice and information on community needs and opportunities as well as charitable agencies.

The following named funds provide the opportunity for the donors to make recommendations to the Foundation Board for grants to local activities in the donors’ areas of interest:

Anderson Family Fund
Anderson Family Endowment Fund
Angel Fund
Endowed Angel Fund
Bellingham Youth Philanthropy Project (Endowed)
Boreas Fund
Glenn & Janice Butler Fund
Celedo Fund
Beglin Fund
Champagne Fund
Children First Fund
Coal Train Facts Fund
Joe & Judy Coons Community Fund
CORC Endowed Fund
Jayme Clise Curley and David Leith Curley Family Fund
Drake Family Fund

Murphy Evans Fund
Fairhaven Runners Community Fund
Ramón Marcus Garcia Memorial Fund
Karl and Edwina Kleeman Community Fund
Iris Fund
Jenny MacQuarrie Community Fund
Matia Fund
David C. Morse, Jr. and Janice Marchbanks Fund
Meg Metzger Fund
Morse Steel Service Community Fund
NorKa Fund
Northwest Radiologists Fund
North Coast Cares Fund
John and Joyce Pedlow Community Fund
Alex Pempe Youth Runner's Fund
Vonda Lynne Polinkus Memorial Fund
Reading Wheeler Fund
Robertson Family Fund
Rosenfels Arts & Environment Fund (Endowed)
Sage Fund
Santosha Fund
Phyllis & Charles Self Fund
Phyllis & Charles Self Endowment Fund
Robertson Family Fund
Spirit Fund (Endowed)
Spirit Action Fund
Stoane Family Fund
Sustainable Whatcom Fund
Whatcom Farm to School Project funded by the Sustainable Whatcom Fund

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Paul & Jean Tholfsen Fund
Susan and Loch Trimingham Fund
Bob and Diane Trunek Fund
Bob and Diane Trunek Community Fund (Endowed)
Uncle Alfred's Trust
Whatcom Farm Incubator Fund
Tammy Zlotnik Fund

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Scholarship and Award Funds:

Whatcom Dollars for Scholars Funds

  • Bellingham Scholarship Fund
    a program of Whatcom Community Foundation which provides scholarships to attend college or other post-secondary education to the graduating seniors of Bellingham's four high schools (Squalicum, Bellingham, Sehome and Options High Schools). To view the BDFS Fund Brochure click here.

  • Ferndale Scholarship Fund
    Provides scholarships to attend college or other post-secondary education to the graduating seniors of Ferndale's high schools

  • Whatcom Scholarship Fund
    Provides scholarships to attend college or other post secondary education to graduating seniors in Whatcom County

Roy Georgeff Scholarship Fund

supports annual scholarships for one graduating senior each from Lynden and Lynden Christian High Schools (Endowed)

Cole Student of the Year Fund

provides recognition of hardworking and especially inspiring students in all middle schools in Whatcom County (Endowed).
2013 Cole Awardees:


Clayton D. Millage Scholarship Funds

Provides opportunities for Lynden middle school students to attend educational programs that focus on science or creative thinking.(Endowed and Non-endowed)

Asher A. Kinney "Fly to Germany" Scholarship Fund

provides support to Bellingham High School students in the German American Partnership Program

Morse Family Scholarship Fund

provides annual support for high school seniors to continue their formal education

Mr. Wood & Family Scholarship Fund

provides scholarships to attend further education to Mr. Wood’s former students have graduated from High School or attained their GED (Non-endowed)

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Temporary Funds:

Earth Day Foundation Fund

is being held pending an appropriate recipient for environmental research

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Fiscal Sponsorship and Program Funds:

Blaine Pavilion Project Fund

for construction of Blaine Pavilion, an expansion of the Blaine Community Center

Fairhaven Village Green Fund

was established in 2001 to support the development of Fairhaven Village Green, a public-private partnership with the City of Bellingham. The Fairhaven Village Green Committee has recently commissioned local scuptor Bob McDermott to create a permanent tribute to J.J. Donovan to be placed in the Village Green soon!

The Holden Guitar Project

Supporting clean water projects for those in need

New Ferndale Library Project

to support the construction of the new Ferndale Public Library

Holden and Phoebe Goodell Judson Fund

was established to support a memorial statue to "the Mother of Lynden" in downtown Lynden

Readers Care Funds

Three funds to help raise funds annually for different preselected local non-profit organizations relating to health and human services. Gifts may be made to the Lynden Tribune Readers Care Fund, the Ferndale Record Readers Care Fund or the Foothills Gazette Community Fund.

Whatcom Council of Nonprofits Program

Whatcom Council of Nonprofits program is volunteer-run program that builds the capacity of the local not-for-profit sector by providing networking and training opportunities, collaboration opportunities, advocacy, and promotion of the sector


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