Generosity is an extraordinary force.
It creates hope and possibility. It embraces the real needs of real people at the same time it celebrates their humanity. So what does it take to give? Compassion. Initiative. Purpose. But to reach its full potential, generosity also needs integrity, guidance and deliberate, responsible supervision. When people decide to give, and then focus their ideas and energies intelligently, excellence emerges from a community. Person by person. Community by community. Truly, it’s as simple as that. To hear from our donors and grant recipients we invite you to view our ten minute video presentation.

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You can be part of a community where everyone has the opportunity to live a healthy, productive life. Read more...

The Holden Guitar project is an inspiring example of what can happen when diverse entities come together, transforming the environmental errors of yesterday into actions ofhope for tomorrow," said Chuck Carpenter, Holden Village's co-executive director with wife Stephanie.

David Olson adds, "I only got the ball rolling on a much bigger story involving Bob Taylor (Taylor Guitars), Steve McMinn (Pacific Rim Tonewoods), the Whatcom Community Foundation, Holden Village, and the two main beneficiaries, Living Waters for the World and El Porvenir.
Without the enthusiastic involvement of all our partners, this project would have gone absolutely nowhere, but as it is we are on the verge of something unprecendented in the acoustic guitar industry. Thanks to the skill and ingenuity of the organizations involved, this forest will sing again, through many hands." Read more

The first grants to El Porvenir and Living Waters for the World are slated to go out on March 22,"Clean Water Day."

Donations are being accepted through the Whatcom Community Foundation, fiscal sponsor for the new Blaine Pavilion. The Foundation is working with The City of Blaine, staff of the Blaine Senior Center and Boys and Girls Clubs of Whatcom County to raise approximately $275,000 to build an open-air pavilion on the east side of the Blaine Community Center, which houses the Senior Center and Boys and Girls Club. More information at

Blaine Pavilion Design by Douglas Landsem Architect AIA


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